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At the airport

You: I would like to confirm my flight

Agent: Can I get your ticket number?

You: The number is ......You are scheduled to depart on ......

Your ticket has been confirmed. Your seat number is ...

Agent: May I have your passport, please?

You: Here you go

Agent: How many carry on bags are you taking?

You: Only one.

Agent: Are you checking any bags?

You: Yes, two bags 

Agent: please place you bags on the scale

You: I have a stopover in (Thailand), do i need to pick up my luggage there?

Agent: No, it will go straight through to ....Here are your boarding passes, your flight will leave from gate ....and it will start boarding at ...Your seat number is ...

On the plane

Flight attendant: Would you like chicken rice or pasta?

You: Pasta please

Flight attendant: Would you like something to drink?

You: What kind of juice/ drink do you have?

Flight attendant: orange and peach

You: orange juice please

Flight attendant: Would you like some ice?

You: No, thank you


Some common questions:

Do you have a seat next to the emergency exit?

How do I get to the gate ...?/ Where is the gate...?

Can I have a pillow/ blanket/ pair of headphones?

Could I have some water/ tea?

Could I have some napkins?

Do you prefer a window seat or an aisle seat?

Are you carrying any flammable materials?

Do you have a carry-on?

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