Books và Reading habits là một trong những topic thường gặp trong bài thi IELTS Speaking.

Hôm nay, Arrowenglish đưa ra một vài gợi ý về tự vựng và thành ngữ siêu cool và tự nhiên bên dưới để các bạn dễ dàng trả lời những câu hỏi xoay quanh chủ đề này nhé. 

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Tháng 10 này, ArrowEnglish sẽ kết hợp với IDP tổ chức một buổi thi thử IELTS hoàn toàn MIỄN PHÍ với 3 kĩ năng: Listening, Reading và Writing. Đây sẽ là cơ hội để các bạn trải nghiệm bài thi thực tế cũng như chuẩn bị tốt hơn cho kỳ thi IELTS sắp tới của mình. 

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Lịch Khai Giảng Tháng 9

Hòa cùng không khí tựu trường rộn rã, ArrowEnglish xin gửi đến các bạn lịch khai giảng các khóa luyện thi IELTS trong tháng 9 của cả ba cấp độ READY, SET và GO. Hãy nhanh chóng liên hệ ArrowEnglish để được tư vấn các khóa học thật phù hợp nhé! 

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Bài luận chủ đề "Technology and Communication"

Technology và Communication là chủ đề thi IELTS quen thuộc không chỉ xuất hiện nhiều trong những đề writing mà cả speaking, trong bài này ArrowEnglish gửi đến các bạn một bài luận mẫu về đề tài này. Hy vọng các bạn có thể mở rộng thêm ý cho bài viết cũng như bài nói của mình trong kỳ thi IELTS.

Mobile phones and the Internet have made it easier to stay in contact with other people. However, as a lot time is spent using telephones and computers, there is less face-to-face contact and direct communication.
Is the growing use of communications technology a positive or a negative development for society?

The rapid development of technology of communications technology has had a significant impact on society. There are both positive and negative sides to this, but the problem lies in the way this technology is used rather than in the technology itself.

Mobile phones and email make it possible to contact a person even when you do not know where they are. This allows for greater flexibility in people's lives, which opens up opportunities for individuals and for society. Families and friends can chat or write to each other anywhere on the planet with little or no cost. In addition, a mobile phone can be used to get help immediately and save someone's life in an emergency.

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Cut Music to "an Hour a Day" - WHO

People should listen to music for no more than one hour a day to protect their hearing, the World Health Organization suggests.

It says 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults are at risk of permanently damaging their hearing by listening to "too much, too loudly".

It said audio players, concerts and bars were posing a "serious threat".

WHO figures show 43 million people aged 12-35 have hearing loss and the prevalence is increasing.

In that age group, the WHO said, half of people in rich and middle-income countries were exposed to unsafe sound levels from personal audio devices.

Meanwhile 40% were exposed to damaging levels of sound from clubs and bars.

The proportion of US teenagers with hearing loss went from 3.5% in 1994 to 5.3% in 2006.

WHO v The Who

Dr Etienne Krug, the WHO's director for injury prevention, told the BBC: "What we're trying to do is raise awareness of an issue that is not talked about enough, but has the potential to do a lot of damage that can be easily prevented."

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The Fascinating History of the Coca-Cola Bottle

The anniversary comes at a difficult time for the soda maker

Coca-Cola is making a lot of the 100th anniversary of its iconic bottle. Given what's happening with soda sales generally, and Coke sales in particular, the festivities come at a delicate time.

The celebration of the bottle includes an ad campaign in more than 100 countries featuring Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Ray Charles, and an exhibit at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta called "The Coca-Cola Bottle: An American Icon at 100." The exhibit will include "more than 100 objects, including more than 15 works of art by Andy Warhol and more than 40 photographs inspired by or featuring the bottle," the company said in a statement.

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