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tu vung thanh ngu tieng anh mua Arrowenglish trung tam luyen thi IELTS

Tổng hợp các từ vựng, thành ngữ về Mưa, hãy cùng Arrowenglish xem qua nhé!!!

(as) right as rain - in excellent health or condition
I'll be as right as rain as soon as I take my pills.

come rain come shine, (come) rain or shine - whether there is rain or sun; whatever happens
He goes jogging every morning, rain or shine.

risk of rain - a chance of precipitation. (Used only in weather forecasting)
And for tomorrow, there is a slight risk of showers in the morning. There is a 50 percent risk of rain tonight.

rain of something - a large number of things falling from the sky at the same time
a rain of arrows/stones

take a rain check (on something) - to refuse an offer or invitation but say that you might accept it later
'Are you coming for a drink?' 'Can I take a rain check?—I must get this finished tonight.'

It never rains but it pours - Good (or bad) things do not just happen a few at a time, but in large numbers all at once.
I can't believe this. This morning I had a flat tire. When I went to the garage to get the tire patched, I discovered I didn't have any money, and I couldn't even charge it because my credit card's expired. Jane: It never rains but it pours.

rain on someone's parade - to spoil something for somebody, to do something that spoils someone's plans
I'm sorry to rain on your parade, but you're not allowed to have alcohol on the premises.

rain (down) (on somebody/something) - to fall or to make something fall on somebody/something in large quantities
Bombs rained (down) on the city's streets.

be rained off/ out - (of an event) to be cancelled or to have to stop because it is raining
The game has been rained off again.

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